Artist Statement

My work is reflective of the vehicular landscape that the American Midwest was built around. The road culture that comes with the expansiveness of the American landscape is always shedding the old for the new, and in its wake, leaving these pockets of nostalgia, rust, and comfortable stillness. It’s this facet of our rural landscape that I find so exhilarating to draw inspiration from; a landscape heavily saturated with run down automobiles, and neon lined motels. Scenes so beautifully lost to time, that they feel almost cinematic in their presentation. I am constantly chasing that sensation of mystic solitude and nostalgia that is so delicately littered along the vehicular landscape of the American Midwest.


I am an artist native to the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have a background that builds off of a Master of Fine Arts in Photography through Academy of Art University, as well as a B.S. in Architectural Studies from South Dakota State University. My work has been featured both nationally and internationally, spanning from Los Angeles, CA, to Melbourne, Australia.